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Charities are often short of the capital needed to provide high-quality services. To address this, NGOH has developed an innovative new approach to financing, fusing two separate corporate entities: A Charity and a For-Profit. The Charity, Nicky’s Gardens of Hope, is a (501(c)(3) that delivers IDD services to our residents without the burden or distraction of managing financial issues. Their "partner" is an independent For-Profit, NGOH Holdings LLC, with two mandates. They manage the physical assets the Charity uses (real estate, buildings, equipment, etc.), and, they continually develop profitable businesses, through real estate development and a Business Incubator.  

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NGOH LLC is mandated to continually develop profitable businesses that provide employment opportunities for our residents while incorporating participation from the community, local businesses, and vendors. This will grow the diversity of jobs in the community while providing approximately 350 new jobs when this first round of services and Incubator businesses are fully operational.


A core element of the Balanced-Risk Revenue Model (BRRM) is the ongoing development of new profitable business through a proprietary Business Incubator. 

About Nicky's Gardens of Hope, The Charity


Providing care for America’s disabled adults has become a rapidly growing crisis. The number of Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled (IDD) children is quickly growing. Ironically, it is improvements in Healthcare that has ensured that historically high numbers of these children will live to become adults. Once an IDD child becomes an adult, they fall off the “Cliff”, losing most of the services that they and their families depend on. The communities they live in are left to bear the cost of unemployable IDD adults and financially struggling families.

Nicky’s Gardens of Hope is developing a revolutionary approach, that can lead IDD adults away from the Cliff and into a welcoming “Village”. By combining a Charity with an aggressive and well-connected for-profit organization, Nicky’s Gardens of Hope will launch a new support model creating secure and permanent homes for IDD adults, providing missing services while delivering recreation, employment and tax revenues to the local community.

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